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BizTEC gives real-time, nitty gritty experience in the blood, sweat, tears and brilliance demanded when you want to get the big idea inside your head, out to the big world of commercial realities.

Out of the Bronica Entrepreneurship Center, there is a perpetual flow of events to inspire innovation, application and entrepreneurship. From BizTEC to 3 Day Startup (3DS( competitions, Hackathons, 3DS Healthcare, the Dream Factory, mentoring, workshops, lectures, and global events, education in entrepreneurship is embedded in all that is Technion.

dream factory

BizTEC 2016 was launched during a grand opening event on April 4th at the Technion. This is the 12th year of Israel’s leading annual technological entrepreneurship competition, which was established in 2004. Over 200 applicants, alumni, mentors and partners attended the keynote lecture, given by serial entrepreneur, Dov Moran, inventor of the Disk-on-key. 115 teams including 260 entrepreneurs have applied to BizTEC 2016. 53% of all applicants are students or alumni from the Technion. 17% of applicants are women; almost twice the average percentage of women-founders in the Israeli Startup ecosystem. BizTEC 2015 was won by Technion’s 

Peekaboo Group, which developed a technology for the non-invasive collection of sterile urine from baby girls. They received a 10,000 NIS prize from the Technion, the main sponsor of the competition. Second place went to DeepSense, which predicts and helps prevent failures in industrial machines; and third place to SelfLift – a sustainable and inexpensive irrigation solution for small-scale farms. Other technologies that reached the finals: an app for locating products in stores; smartphone-controlled robots; home monitor for pulmonary diseases; a non-invasive cardiac monitor; a system for navigation inside buildings; a laboratory management platform; a smart needle for tumor biopsies; and a wearable system designed to shorten athletes’ recovery time.

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Executive VP for Research Prof. Wayne Kaplan (l) with BizTEC 2015 winning team, Peekaboo: Janna Tenenbaum-Katan, doctoral student in the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Lior Har-Shai and Yoel Angel, Rappaport Faculty of Medicine graduates.


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