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T³ is capitalizing on the scientific and technological impact of the Technion network.

’s task is to open the doors to innovation, ushering new technologies into world markets. As part of Technion Research and Development Foundation Ltd. (TRDF), T³’s success in bridging laboratory and marketplace is critical to Technion’s position as a global leader of innovation.

Today, the Josepho Industrial Research Center is a hub for entrepreneurship, company formation and commercialization. Under the auspices of T³, the Alfred Mann Institute at Technion (AMIT) is a nucleus of innovation that is supporting the formation of biomedical companies by Technion students, faculty and alumni. Also this year, the Technion accelerator T-Factor was launched. T-Factor’s mission is to support Technion students, faculty and alumni in ‘creating their jobs’; providing seed funding, a mentorship network, access to Technion labs and infrastructure, fundraising support and workspace. The launch of T-Factor was swiftly followed by a cooperation agreement between the accelerators of Ecole Polytechnique (l’X) and the Technion, signed during the State visit to Israel by French Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs, Emmanuel Macron.

“This new collaboration will allow our institutions to further support the emergence and development of startups – a key strategic priority for both the Technion and l’X,” said Jacques Biot, President of Ecole Polytechnique.

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