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“Tech Women 2016” was the first-of-its-kind conference, held in honor of International Women’s Day in March and supported by the Rosalyn August Girls Empowerment (GEM) Mission.
Girl Power Introducing

“Here at Technion you can make any dream come true.” Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Yael Yaniv

Technion held the first conference for outstanding female high-school students from all over Israel “Tech Women 2016.” Attended by 670 high-school students, the conference is designed to encourage female students to pursue higher education in science and engineering.

Supported by the Rosalyn August Girls Empowerment (GEM) Mission, this first-of-its-kind conference was held in honor of International Women’s Day in March. There are presently over 5,000 female students at Technion, and 32% of the master’s degree students and 44% of doctoral students at the Technion are women.

The 670 students all study advanced level mathematics, science, and technology for their matriculation exams. They met with female researchers and faculty members, Technion alumnae, and female graduate students.

The students toured the laboratories and learned about the research topics and subject matter in five faculties: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Addressing the students, Prof. Daniella Raveh of the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, said: “I really love airplanes. They are my occupation and my hobby. I am fortunate in being able to do what I love and I also have a pilot’s license. Aeronautics is a field that’s suitable for men and women alike, and any good engineer who graduates from the faculty is guaranteed employment in the field.”

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